As it is a secular country which means everyone is allowed to practice their religion,this thing make's India different from other countries
Indian answered 1 year ago India is neither democratic nation nor secular nation. the common people of India is slave of corrupt political system.
The definition of Secularism is the same in both the western or Indian context, but the practical implimentation and meaning differs.

In the west it can be read as "no religion for the state". Say for eg. In the west or US when u say secular it means no religion for the state. No religious symbols can be displayed in public or state offices or in the court room.
But in India Secular would naturally mean, "all religion". There is a scope of incorporating all religious systems into the state. Driver of a Delhi Transport bus can build a small showcase temple right next to the steering wheel. The supreme court having a hindu temple inside the court house. Public money can be used for religious purposes, eg. subsidy for Haj travel for muslims by the govt of India.