Tell the filmy names of the following
1. Thor
2. batman
3. flash
4. wolverine
5. cyclops
6. superman

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i still didn't answer it :P
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i havn't seen some of them in movies,but i read their comics,so i know their names.
actually,your question is wrong,their not movie characters only so u cannot say filmy names.These characters appear in diff medias-t.v series,live action,comics,movies etc.So,the question should be "What are the real names of these superheroes"


1. Thor - Chris Hemsworth
2. batman - Michael Keaton
3. the flash(telivision series) - John Wesley Shipp
4. wolverine - Hugh Jackman
5. cyclops - Eric Roberts
6. superman - 2013 -Henry Cavill ,2006 - Brandon Routh

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so wt?? i know it
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Well,i think Thor's name is Thor.he uses his real name
Batman's name is Bruce wayne
Flash's name is Barry Allen.(i've seen him in cartoons and comics only,he has a movie too?)
wolverine-who doesn't know that,Logan
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