By this policy they were affected 
In Subsidiary Alliance, the Indian States that were under British
protection had to suspend their armies and instead maintain British troops. They also
surrendered their control on their foreign affair and let go of their right to make
alliances with other foreign states for any purpose, economic or political. In return,
they were given protection by the British from their rivals.
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The Rani of Jhansi Regiment was the womens aligment of the indian national army , the armed force formed by indian nationalistsin 1942 in Southeast Asia with the aim of overthrowing the british raj in colonial india, with japnease assistance. It was one of the very few all-female combat regiments of the Second World War on any side. Led by captain lakshmi, the unit was raised in July 1943 with volunteers from the expatriate population in south east india The unit was named the Rani of Jhansi Regiment after lakshmibai rani of jashi
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