Constent of all -Unanimous 
Murder of one's own self - Suicide
 Person living at the same time- Contemporaries
Nations engaged in war- Belligerent 
The worship of idols or images- Idolatry 
To turn out of society- Ostracize 
A scene of wild noise and disorder- Pandemonium
A thing which can be easily broken-Brittle 
An elderly unmarried woman- spinster
A person who compiles a dictionary-Lexicographar
Medical examination of the dead body-Post-mortem
A soldier who fights for the sake of money- Mercenary
One who loves own country- Patriot
A child whose parents are dead - orphan
The study of coins- numismatics
Collector of stamps- Philatelist
One who eats too much- Glutton 
Speaking aloud while alone- Soliloquy
Evening prayer in the church- Vesper
A person who believes in only spiritual things- Spiritualist
An officer for which no salary is paid- Honorary
Person working in the same department- Colleagues
A government by one person - Autocracy
Voluntary renouncement of the throne by a king- Abdication
One who knows many languages- Linguist
An imaginary name a by an author - Pseudonym
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