If i would be the house Captain i would see that every corridor has silence and every student speaks in English. I would  see that every place is neat and clean, every student through's waste in garbage box. I would not let anyone fight . I would check every students dress, nails, shoes. i will maintain proper arrangement for departure and for arrival  

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I am giving you the main points.please elaborate it according to your need:-
* the word house caption means the leader or the captain of a group of united people.
* there are many responsibilities of a house captain.
* i have always wanted to be the house cantain of my team.
* if i would be the house captain i would:
°respects teachers and my team mates and also tell them to do the same.
° i will maintain discipline and peace among all the members of ny team.
°I will tell the the importance of being united .
°i will keep a watch that there are no fights among the team mates.
°i will then that winning is not everything.we can win only if we lose once.
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