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1. Thousand of houses were destroyed across many district of the country with the entire  village flattened .
2.Several of the churches in the Kathmandu valley were destroyed .
3. As Saturday principal day of christian worship in Nepal, 500 people are reported to have died in the collapse.
4.Several pagodas on Kathmandu Durbar Square ,a UNESCO World heritage site collapsed as did the Dharahara tower ,built in 1832 ; the collapse of latter structure killed at least 180 people and many temples were destroyed.
5. The northern side of Janaki mandir in Janakpur was reported to have been damaged.
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Generally an earthquake occurs when the tectonic plates slide over each other creating a disruption in the landmass. Two tectonic plates meet beneath the Himalayas along a fault line. The India plate is moving north at around 45mm a year and pushing under the Eurasian plate. Over time that is how the Himalayas were created.

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