PLZZZ i need creative questions for conversation.anyone who answers first properly will be marked as the brainliest

plzz angella answer
I had no interent access to answer your question then. Now, I posted my answer. Hope it's okay.
Sorry for the delay! :/
Glad !! :)


You can start conversation by talking about the weather.. you can ask about their health..then is their day going..whats they favourite things.fav 
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sorry i asked questions not ideas
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How would it be like if you are the first person to step on Jupiter, the biggest planet?
Wouldn't that be great if there was a day, you meet some great personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Shakespeare and Mahatma Gandhi?
How about you in a world full of beautiful plants and trees, every yard?
Suppose yourself in a mysterious island with no human life there. Just animals and plants around. How'd you pull yourself together?
Every student with IQ greater than that of Einstein's?
Checkmate the king piece of world's greatest chess player?
Making fireproof shelters for the poor?
Manufacturing only recyclable items?
Every study hour followed by at least a half an hour or an hour of recreation?
Any idea to patch up the ozone hole?
24 hour electricity everywhere?
A perfect therapy to cure cancer with no side effects?

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