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     A squirrel is a peace loving soft, mild, fair, white, small, cute and smart looking animal.  A squirrel loves to eat vegetables etc.  A squirrel generally does not go by itself to other animals or does not mean any harm.

     But squirrel is constantly threatened by eagles, foxes, lions, tigers etc.   So squirrels are very afraid of these animals trying to catch them.   Squirrels look nice when they eat.  It seems they are in a hurry when they eat.  But they seem to take some time to eat a vegetable.  They are quick to move.  When they run, they jump each step, though they do not jump very high.   

    They have good ears.  They sense danger or disturbance from some distance.  Immediately they look for a place for hiding. 

   They some times stand on their hind feet and look at distances to see if there are no prying animals.   They do not seem to have long neck but when they look while standing, they seem  to stretch their long necks.   They are so white, have very soft skin and hair (not very thick).  In their ears, or some other parts, they look so pinkish/red.  One is reminded of purity when one looks at them.

Generally in stories, or in plays or in cartoons they are depicted as like "Bugs Bunny". They outsmart any hunter (man or animal).  They are depicted as smart, intelligent, quick to act, fun loving.  They are shown as peace loving and those which mind their own business in general.  They do not start a quarrel, but they defend themselves well, when others try to hunt them.

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