Rewrite these pairs of sentences into one sentence that conveys the same meaning using an adverbial clause
1)the bell rings. i open the door.
2) she was writing a letter. the lights went off.
3) she reaches office. he calls his wife.
4) the father comes back home. the children throwing pillow at one another.
5) i was watching television. the telephone rang.



1. I open the door while the bell rings 5. The telephone rang whwn i was watching television

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1.  As (when) the bell rings, I open the door.  On the ringing of the bell, I open the door.
2.  As (while) she was writing a letter, the lights went off.
3.  When he reaches office, he calls his wife.  Soon as he reaches office he calls his wife.
4.  When the father comes back home, the children are throwing pillows at one another.
5.  While I was watching television, the telephone rang.

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