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                 Success in Life is Man's Final Goal

    There is nothing in the world that tastes like Success (the sweetness of Success).  Success is winning a game in a competition or contest or achieving an expected performance level in an activity or sport.  Success need not necessarily mean defeating some opponent.   It can simply be getting what one wants.  Success is desired by everyone in every activity.  People pray God, put in a lot of effort, and (some) use influence in order to succeed.

    Success is important in a competitive world like today’s.  Even where there is no competition, success is same as maintaining same or expected level of performance.  People favour and like those who succeed.

    We live in this world by doing some activity.  What we want to finish with is the final goal or aim for that activity.  For each activity, there is a target, aim, purpose, a quality level, a quantity level and a time duration associated with it.  Success is to positively attain all these attributes while completing the tasks.

    When we succeed in a simple or major activity, we feels on top of the world.   We feel extremely happy.  We feel invigorated to perform better or maintain the same level of performance.  We forgot all our past failures.  All the disappointment is forgotten.  A new hope for the future begins.

    When we are unable to do small activities also properly or when expected events do not happen, we get worried.  We try to solve the hurdles and make a proper plan for the successful execution of an activity or successful happening of the events.  When the event or task is out of our control, often we pray God for a favourable outcome.  Even if we do not succeed at one time, we try again to succeed in the next attempt.

    Thus in all situations human nature is to crave for success at some acceptable level, but at all times.   Perhaps, it is only some animals which have to adjust to what is imposed on them.  They may not be able to set many goals for themselves.

       We can see the behavior of an ant.  Even when an ant is restricted within a boundary, ant tries indefinitely to escape, find food or meet fellow ants.  An ant never gives up.


      Thus every sane man has and must have a proper role and responsibility.  For any action, there is a predetermined or anticipated goal.  The duty or responsibility of the person is to try achieving that goal.  That is nothing but succeeding.  Hence, success is the man’s final goal, whatever the target be, and whether it is over short term or long term duration.

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