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In this pleasant morning I would like to share my views about fundamental rights . 
Fundamental rights , these are very important for each and every citizen . There are six fundamental rights which are guaranteed by our Indian constitution . They are : 
  (i) Right to Equality,
  (ii) Right to Freedom,
  (iii) Right to Education,
  (iv) Right against exploitation,
  (v) Cultural and educational rights ,
  (vi) Right to constitutional remedies .
     Fundamental rights fulfill some basic and essential conditions of good life for human progress .Some fundamental rights are positive whereas some other are negative .These are constitutionally protected and guaranteed to the citizens while the ordinary rights are protected by the ordinary law of the country .Right to property ,which has been deleted from the list of fundamental rights by the 44th constitutional amendment act ,1978 .Socially and economically there are many uses of these fundamental rights.
So , each and every citizen should follow all of these fundamental rights and duties .
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