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Baldeo a night watchman at a tunnel was a tribal who lived by the station with his boy Tembu. His village was miles away from the station but still he was not at all afraid to live in his small hut. He used to go alone in the midnight to light the lamp to signal that the cutting was free of obstruction. He was not at all afraid of any wild animal in the forest. He had heard of panthers calling for their mates but he was alert and he had his axe with him which would protect him from all dangers. While hearing the cry of a deer he was completely alert that the tiger was approaching him. In usual situations we get scared to death if we see a wild beast running to charge us but Baldeo was tensed but with bravery he struck the tiger twice but the tiger killed him. This type of courage was really breathtaking and Tembu waited there till morning unafraid of wolves or wild beasts coming near his father. They were really brave and they were used to the forests and how to handle the beasts that attacked them. They had great courage within themselves as in the end Tembu was whistling without any fear because his father killed the tiger and he was grown up to handle the axe and put it in his use.