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Cleanliness of your locality,planting trees in your locality
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The participatory nature of organizing is crucial, regardless of the type of organizing it is. The inclusive process we've been describing may ultimately depend on direct action and the exercise of political power for success, but it may also depend on collaboration. Locality development can also be an exercise in bringing together all the sectors of a community -- even those that normally wield the power -- in an effort to improve conditions and the quality of life for everyone. Who is included in the definition of "community" depends on the situation that exists to begin with. If the purpose of organizing is to gain equal footing or fair treatment for a group that has had neither, then that group is the community in question. If the aim is to revive a town whose economy has all but died, or to improve health conditions across the board, then all citizens are the constituency. The ideal situation is one in which everyone in the locality can be persuaded to work together, and in which everyone's interests are attended to. In reality, this situation may be rare, but it's something worth striving for. Building a community and developing an infrastructure that makes it possible for people to work together are necessary regardless of the aim of organizing. There are a number of basic steps to locality development that we'll discuss, more or less in the order in which they should be taken."More or less" because each community and situation is unique. In some cases, you may need to work on several things at once, or to take a particular step out of order, or even skip it entirely. It's important to respond to the circumstances that exist.

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