Just keep the points in mind. And try to use your own language to elaborate your answer. Their is always not to memorize them. If you read history by understanding each and every line, you can write of your own. Always give the required topics in your answer. Their is no need to extend the answer jst going out of the topic.And you will definately score in history.

hope it helps :)))
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Scoring good in History is a big task for some students.If we observe history its all about past events and if we try we can weave those events into stories,doing this you would start enjoying History.Every story has some "Causes","Path of events" and "consequences".Its no need of mugging up all the points rather understand them and build sentences of that matter on your own.This would make studying for history a lot more easier and enjoyable

Source: History lover :)
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just read it lyk a story nd remember da points.......never mug up without understanding......dat's it