House no. - ________ ,
Sector - _______ ,

Date-16 June, 2015

Dear Uncle,
I am fine here with good mood and health and hope that you are also fine at your place. 
As you told me that you were to give a surprise to me and I was too excited for it.when I received your parcel I saw that it was an encyclopedia and I as so happy to see it. I thought that you forgot that I was fond of learning and exploring new words but was very happy and delighted to see an encyclopedia as a gift . It would be one of the best gifts I have received from you and hope that in future if you will plan to give me a surprise then I'll be more happy if you'll give me that gift by your hands.
Again thanks for your gift.
Write me soon. I'll be waiting for your letter.Bye.
Yours sincerely/lovely