Many people struggle with fearwhen they approach death, or even when they simply think about dying. The fear of death is so common, in fact, that it has a name: thanataphobia. A variety of research studies have shown that the fear of death is universal among human beings worldwide. People are afraid of the suffering they may have to endure when they die, and they fear what will happen to them after death, wondering if they may go to hell or even not exist at all anymore.But what if there’s nothing to fear about death after all? What if there is one or even a group of angels who comfort people when they’re dying and escort their souls into an afterlife?Throughout recorded history, people from various religious perspectives have spoken of an “Angel of Death” who does just that. Many people from all walks of life who have had near death experiences have reported that they’ve encountered angels who helped them, and people who have witnessed loved ones die have also reported encountering angels who gave their dying loved ones peace. Sometime dying people’s last words describe the visions they’re experiencing. For example, just before famous inventor Thomas Edison died in 1931, he remarked: "It is very beautiful over there."