1)i have got a new mystery of nature.
2)i have wrote question and answer in his notebook.

do you the balance answers
what it means
you have got your ans
i want to answer the blance questions

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I don't know if the given words form phrases with special meanings.

1.  A new mystery of nature is discovered by man as man solves one mystery.
2.  Narayana Murty writes notes and solves exercises nicely in his notebook.
     Nowadays an executive or a senior student does his homework and project work in his notebook.
4.  When Rohit called Sagar Narayan, He was already on the way.
5.  I heard some sound coming from another room.
6.  The soft cotton in a pillow soothes me by its cushioning effect.
7.  This beautiful sofa is made of stone and wood in a nature friendly manner.
8.  On your nose I find some tense vibration.
     This problematic issue is sitting right on your nose.
9.  As soon as Rohit rose up from bed, he exclaimed,"What a fine day!"

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