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As far 'cool' in terms of as temperature, the 'coolest' planet that we know of is the dwarf planet Eris. It's current surface temperature is estimated to be 405 degrees below zero (that's 46 degrees above absolute zero, the point where no energy remains in an object), it probably gets colder when it's farther out in it's orbit. 

As far as 'cool' in other terms, I would have to say the Earth. It's the greatest party planet that we know of in the universe.
no dear, its Uranus
who told u
i have a book
sry that was wrong
its no issue
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Uranus is the coldest planet
its not
ok let it be udayy will decide that
uranus is the coldest with minimum of -224 degree celcius
ok let it be udayy will decide that
all right