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                             Water – Elixir and Source of life

      Pure drinking water is essential to our survival.  It tastes so good when we are exhausted and are thirsty.  It tastes so good on our lips and in throat.  It cools our body as it goes down into the stomach.  Truly, we get rejuvenated and ready to get back to our energetic self after we take gulp of good water and a little rest.   With out a doubt, pure and clean water is equal to the divine magic potion “amrutham”, as it makes us live long and healthy.  So pure water is elixir of life.

    Water is essential to life for all living organisms on Earth.  Because of absence of water on other planets life is absent over there.  We are so fortunate to have so many water bodies on our mother planet Earth.   Water is essential for plants, animals and human beings.  Plants can extract clean water particles from dirty water and can continue to live.  Animals have a higher tolerance to the impurities in water.  So they are able to survive in many different conditions.
   However, human beings need good and clean water to quench thirst.  Water is essential for the metabolism processes in our bodies that gives us energy to move.  When one drinks water the impurities present in water go inside the body.  Dirty water may contain viruses, bacteria, harmful organisms, dust, non-living particles etc.   Dust may be collected in kidneys and form stones. That gives a lot of pain.  Various viruses create diseases like dysentery, amebiosis etc.  Certain viruses may continue living inside the body and as they are parasites, they drain away our energy and control the body functions.  If water is contaminated, like it happens during rainy seasons, many people suffer from fever, cold.  There is a danger of spread of an epidemic. 

    The human body has a defense mechanism of the body to kill viruses.  But body cannot fight all viruses easily and cannot fight continued attacks over a long duration.  Drinking water must not only be clean, but also contain minerals.  Without sufficient minerals, the body organs develop deficiencies and they result in permanent health problems.

   Water is life for all living organisms.  Seventy percent of our body consists of water only.  When we are tired, exhausted from a strenuous activity, and coming in from hot Sun, we need cool water to renew our energy.  When we sweat we throw out the waste from our biological processes through the sweat water.  In summer people go for swimming in pools, rivers and seas.  People play water sports.  It is by sailing over the sea waters that people reached other continents.  Next to air (oxygen), water is the most important requirement.

   When we work hard, or when we play games at times we need to take a small break, and sip water slowly.  We then regain inspiration to win, our fully efficient posture and perform at the best.  Big personalities sip water in the middle of speeches, and discussions, and reflect up on the proceedings.  They also cool their brains from the heat generated in that activity.  They get inspiration to come back nicely.

   In India the people in villages drink from ponds where clothes are washed, people throw junk into them and animals are washed.  In towns too the water is usually not very clean. One of the most important functions of municipalities is to filter water and add disinfectant like chlorine.  In some areas there is excess fluorine.  Even in Europe and much favoured USA, there are many regions where water does not contain sufficient minerals.  In such places they drink artificially or naturally mineralized water.

   Clean drinking water is a basic right of all people.  The government must supply healthy drinking water.  In schools too, clean drinking water is essential.  Prime minister Modi started a mission called Namami Gange, to clean the river Ganga.   In the last ten years, the filter water suppliers have established numerous plants to filter, chemically treat, and add minerals to water, and supply in 20 litre cans.  Water filters have been available in India commercially since last 40 years.  But nowadays latest scientific purification methods are excellent and supply healthy drinking water at a reasonable cost.

   Flowing rivers are symbols of purity, and continuing life.  The forceful flow of water in streams is symbolic for emotions coming out from a person at full throttle.  The water falls in hilly areas are sources of joy, beauty, and inspiration to all.  The cool oceans are symbols of a stable person.  Water is symbolized as the Goddess in our mythology.

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