Here's a description of the journey of the brook from start to finish........ The brook suddenly emerges and flows through the mountains and valleys, creating a lot of noise. It streams through Mother Nature, sparkling among ferns and petals. It rushes in high speed through hills, ridges, towns and villages. At last, it joins the brimming river at Philip's farm. It flows on forever, unlike men who come and go. Cours like silver and golden are used while describing the surroundings amidst which the brook flows. The flow is very enthusiastic, and jovial, spreading positive vibes about the brook. In the beginning, the brook is like a small child, very playful and fierce. The course of the brook changes it like a child's transformation to an adult. The brook's flow changes from a fierce one to a calm one. Towards the end, it joins the river, with a gentle flow. Thus, on this journey of the brook, it meets many things and visits many places, fulfilling its life, just like a human bring. Hope this helps! Please mark as best if you found it helpful! Cheers!
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