So here it starts....
the day was hot, sunny,blue clouds,and a chilled drink next to me, strawberry flavour my favourite. so during this summer day i went with my friends to a beach in which we played for about 3 hours.after this I went to the rest house , there we played many games like hide and seek treasure hunt. at the end of the day  me and my parents went to hotel for having a fabolus dinner. then we went home after that i slept on my cozy bed at around 9 pm.I slept so nicely that I got up at around 10 am.after that we went home......[hope it helps..]
Once a hot summer day,we decided to go to a picnic at brindhavan gardens at bengaluru.So we went there and eat our delicious lunch.After lunch we vacated the area and went to the national swimming pool and swimmer quite a time enjoying there playing with balls.Then we went to a restaurant and ate some hot samosas and pakodas and at last at the end of the outing we went to our grandmas house and played with our cousins there.Then we ate the dinner at my granny's house,came to home and slept.