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                           Monsoon  -  boon or bane

     In some countries like India with a large coastal area and peninsula type of geographical shape, there is a monsoon season.   In many countries in the world, there are seasons like monsoons.

    India is mainly agriculture based country.  Most of the people living in the villages are dependent on the farming and growing of vegetables or fruits.  For the farmers, one of the most important needs is water, from sowing of the seeds till cutting of the crops.   India is very large.  There are many rivers.  But the rivers do not cover the entire landscape of Indian region.  There are many regions which are dry and the ground water is very deep below the surface.  Hence, since ages farmers in many regions in India depend on rains for cultivation.  They need water during two months to 3 months at least.

    Since, India is near equator, the summer season is quite hot.  The water resources above the ground and underground get quickly exhausted during the summer.   So water level goes down further.  Hence, to replenish and restore the water levels in ponds, rivers, and underground, a long rainy season is needed.

    During the monsoon there are rains very frequently.  The meteorological department predicts the behavior of the monsoon and informs farmers about sowing of seeds.  The farmers cultivate initially with rain waters.  Later, some farmers, who can afford motors, do use ground water after the rainy season.   But if there are no monsoon rains, then the even farmers will find it difficult to pump out water from underground.   Even in towns and urban areas, the residents will not be able to get drinking water or water for daily use from underground.

    The forests in India grow very well during the monsoon.  The trees hold the water in the soil among their roots and use that during the next few months.  Growth of forests depends on monsoons in India.   Many plantations on the road side are planned during the monsoon.  In some other countries forests depend on rains which fall during many months of the year.

     During the monsoon season in India, rural people are happy.   Indian economists are happy.  The government is happy.   Monsoon season and amount of rainfall has a good impact on the economy and budget.   For stock market too, there is an impact.

    Ideally, I would prefer to have rains well spaced in the year during 8 months, in such a way the agriculture can be done without difficulty.  That happens in some countries.  In India unfortunately, the geographical location dictates a hot summer followed by a monsoon.   Monsoon is a Big Boon for us.

Problems due to monsoon:

    For some people whose activities are not related directly to abundance of water, monsoon may appear as a obstacle for their activities.  For those who wash clothes, rainy season could be a problem, as clothes do not dry quickly.   For many people who travel on bad roads, passing the water logs, pits and clearing traffic jams, provokes disgust.  But, without a monsoon season, India and hence, all Indians will not be able to survive for long.

   Roads of less quality succumb.  So road transport is affected.  In Kashmir and other mountains, rains could cause landslides.  In some plain areas floods do drown towns or agricultural lands once in a few years.  Thus a continuous monsoon season creates some problems.  In some cities, the drainages overflow.  During the monsoons, water may get contaminated.  Hence, there is a possibility of spreading of common diseases. Poor people who do not have strong houses suffer.  Evacuations do take place.  The disaster management teams are on the alert during the season.  Medical preparedness takes care of these eventualities.


    I say that timely and sufficient Monsoon is a boon for India, which is a must.  An untimely, (early or delayed) monsoon or short monsoon is a bane.

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