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   Science  establishes the relationships among various substances and objects in this world in various conditions. Behavior of various substances and changes in them is explained by principles of science.

    Science identifies properties of materials and nature.  The way to generate electricity is identified by science principle : electromagnetic induction, for example.

    Technology is the a standardized method of realizing a formula using a class of materials, and a particular technique related to precision or production.   So a particular technology is employed in manufacturing & engineering of electricity generation or distribution.  Similarly, if a new semiconductor material is found better than Silicon, or, a more precise way of making a more complex electronic chip is known by physics, then a suitable technology is required to manufacture it.

   The manufactured products are used for the benefit of the society and the people.  The people accept the product and its technology or reject it depending on convenience and cost.  Then technology is improved to bring another product to satisfy the people.

   The science (and research), technology (new or improved), engineering and society (use, accept/reject) cycle continues for ever in the world.  Huge mainframe computers to small laptops are made by this cycle of activities by generations of people.

Role of technology towards modern society is to build better quality, more efficient, more convenient, safer and more pleasing and more satisfying products in an optimum way.  Role of technology is to find a new way to make products and methods cheaper and to make available products which are only on paper.

Role of technology is continuous improvement in the life of people in a society and continuous improvement in products and services.

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