Create suspense and and then include a ghost or animal and then tell how problems faced by people of that place. Then finally conclude by telling how that ghost or animal gone from that place.
If you are brave and can watch horror movie then watch 2-3 series of horror movies and if you want to include animals then watch Creature.
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                    I jumped out of bed at mid-night.......

     I woke up due to some disturbance and noise coming from outside the bed room.  Immediately I jumped out of the bed.  At the same time, there was a clap of thunder and a brilliant flash in the sky.  All the lights went out with a big explosive sound from the nearby transformer.  It became absolutely dark all around me.

    The rain became heavier and was making a lot of rustling sounds. A quick gush of air hit me on my cheeks and I shivered violently.  I was afraid.  Immediately, I lied on the bed and covered myself with the blanket that was on the pillow. I started praying God.  Through the window some the rain water is splashing inside the room.  I felt some water drops on the blanket too. But I did not open my eyes or remove the blanket.

     I could not sleep immediately. My nerves were still tense and eyes fully awake.  There was the strange feeling of fear, but also of courage.  I knew from somewhere inside me that nothing would happen. But there was a feeling something was going to happen.  I did not want to miss it.

     I did not know when I slept off.  When I regained conscious, it was quiet all around.  I opened my eyes slowly and saw it was early in the morning. There was the red Sun rising in the East. The cool air made me feel so pleasant and comfortable. I felt very happy, peaceful and safe there looking at the Sun and the birds making noises on the trees.  The rain had stopped.

     I went in to the bathroom for getting ready and then to have a hot cup of hot chocolate (Coffee/Horlicks/Boost), the most inspiring way of starting the day.  While sipping the hot drink in the cool weather, I reflected on the incidents of previous night.  I felt a chill going through my body.  I felt the same way, as I did in the night, for a moment.  It took some time for the brain and the heart to cool down and the pulse to be normal again.  Finally, I congratulated myself on keeping cool and holding myself together.

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