Its essay writing and there r 2, here the topics; imagine yourself as 1 of the announcers at the delhi railway station and the delhi palam airport each atleast of 2 pages(270 words). make 2 announcements; 1 for the train which is an hr ahead of the shedule time and the other for the flight which has been cancelled and u have to pacify the passengers who r expected to get angry after hearing the announcement.



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An announcement, dear passengers the train which is going to arrive at delhi railway station is one hour ahead and we r very sorry to announce this to u , it waits for 15 min and the passengrs can board it within 15 min thank u we hope u can try to board it
an announcement, dear passengers the flight which is going to arrive at delhi is cancelled we kindly request to come on the boarding station to get ur money back thanking u

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