We shoud have to say them that please stop this and              we also dont have to dumped the garbage and also sorry that i cant write anymore 
thank you!


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                   Diary entry - Swach Bharat - My Locality

                                                                     25-11-2014, Twin cities

Dear lovely diary,

      They say “Swatch Bharat” has made all people aware of cleanliness.  But it does not seem to be.   For the last few days I have been observing that people in the near vicinity are dumping their garbage near our house.  It smells terrible.  The stink is too much to bear.  It is just unbearable while entering and exiting the house.  I cannot understand why do people do that.   Even the educated people send their children to dump garbage there.  It is so bad of them.  I am unable to open the window of the room for the fear of insects, mosquitoes and stink.

    The mosquitoes, insects and microbes are really a concern to our health.  I must tell my parents and ask them to speak to the neighbours about it.  Perhaps I must stand there and tell everybody not to dump garbage on the road.  We must then report this to the ward in-charge and counsellor.  I will probably write a letter to the counsellor to arrange a garbage box here as quickly as possible. Then people will not dump next to house.

    Oh! I have had a long, and eventful day today.  Now it is time to sleep and get some rest.  It is quite late in the night already and tomorrow there are a lot of things to do.  Before I say “Goodnight” to myself,  let me just say once, Clean India! Healthy India!    Now good night and sweet dreams!

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