1. Taking ideas from the following hints, together with your own ideas, write a short story in about 200 words. Make your story interesting by adding a suitable setting , characters & dialogues

Beginning: A new born girl is considered to be inauspicious for father.
Middle: Successfully completes her course in medicine & becomes a cancer specialist
End: Saves her father’s life .



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A girl called Shweta was born in a family with old types of thoughts. They used to think that girls were inauspicious and were sent as a punishment for a person's sins of last life. She had to lead a miserable life in that family because no one supported her. She was just one facility, and that was education. Shweta's father was very rude to her and although he loved her from inside his heart, he never ever showed it throughout his life due to the fear of the society. Slowly but surely, Shweta had decided in her heart that she will do something in her life and show her true self to her family and society.

Shweta started studying with her whole heart, and went on to study medicine. She even did a part time job to support her education and did almost everything on herself. Now she was her support itself. She just had a few friends who shared a deep bond with her.

Shweta completed her studies and shifted to Mumbai. She became a cancer specialist and married a doctor who was her colleague and classmate from college days. For the first time, she saw her father smiling at her on her wedding day. She settled and both of them continued their practice. 

After 5 years of her marriage, she got to know that her father had become an alcoholic and was diagnosed with lung cancer. She immediately rushed to her home town with her husband and started serving her father. Due to her extensive care and medicines, his father was saved at last. Out of happiness, he asked Shweta what gift did she want. Shweta jumped up with joy and said, "Your gift to me is that you stop thinking that daughters in home are inauspicious."

Her father thought for minute and hugged her. There were tears in the eyes of both Father and Daughter. The separation between them was broken with the bond of love.
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