In a school some of the students opted for the NCC and some students opted for
gardening, in such a way that three times the number of
students taking NCC are 60 less than the two times the number of students, who
opted for gardening. One third the number of students opted for NCC is equal to the
one-fifth of the number of students who opted for gardening. Find the number of
students who opted for NCC and gardening respectively.
What is the importance of NCC in the life of a student?



Let , students taking NCC = x & students taking gardening = y ATQ, 1/3 x = 1/5 y___________(1) 3x + 60 = 2y___________(2) x = 3/5 y Now, 9/5 y + 60 = 2y 1/5 y = 60 y = 300 Therefore no. Of students taking NCC are 180
1 5 1