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Clean India is My Dream India.
Two hours a week shows Clean India in Light, Bright and in near Sight.

Clear houses and Streets of garbage, Clean India is Our Right.
Clean India creates Healthy and Rich India.  Dirty India makes weak India.

Do not Litter.   Only try Make India Better.

Public places are for our Pleasure.  For junk, waste and rubbish, We Use the Garbage container. 

Clean India is germ free India is healthy India.
Defecation and Urinating in Public, for that a Toilet is the place right.
Maintain toilets cleanly, Live Long Healthily.
Learn and Spread Cleanliness, Erase people's Ignorance.
Don't be mean, Be an Indian clean, Be a world class citizen.

Clean and Recycle waste, get healthy while saving Cost.
India becoming Clean, for the People, it is Boon.
Indian is Clean soon, We regain our Golden Reputation. 
My locality is Clean, India is Clean.
Litter and be mean, remember India is your zone.

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*cleanliness is next ti godliness
*clean India green India 
*don't spit hear