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                       Competition leads to Progress

      Often a healthy competition is a good catalyst for progress and hence positively leads to progress.  Usually some competition is formed among a group of students in the same league or among multiple organizations for marketing and sales.  Healthy competition is good whereas unhealthy, cheating or biased competition does not result in progress.  When we mean progress, we mean progress of the ensemble or the whole society that includes the competing entities or persons.

    A person performs up to the level that is needed at that moment.  But, when there is a competition, one tries to exceed his/her own earlier performance to display the best.  The person  tries to extend own capabilities in order to win and earn fame or money.  In a normal performance situation, this drive or incentive does not exist.  Hence there is no motivation to perform better.

   Further, in some situations competition means survival of the person in a field. So the person tries to go to the maximum extent to perform and brings out more than ever.  Without a healthy competition, the person may maintain the same or below normal performance level.

   Unhealthy competition in a market may result in small organizations to close.  The big organizations can use their influence and high capital to force products of small local organization's products out of market.

   Nowadays, in individual and organizational competitions, there seems to be a lot of unhealthy competition.  Influential and strong persons and strong organizations are having unequal capabilities and opportunities in competitions.  Hence,  the progress in today's world is not so good as expected.  The progress some times results in increases of imbalances.

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