Do you agree with the moral story is given below:

A pregnant mother asked her daughter, “What do u want- A brother or a sister?“
Daughter:- Brother
Mother:- Like whom?
Daughter:- Like RAVAN
Mother:- What the hell are you saying? Are you out of your mind?
Daughter:- Why not Mom? He left all his Royalship &
Kingdom, all because his sister was disrespected.
Even after picking up his enemy’s wife, he didn’t ever touch her. Why wouldn’t I want to have a brother like him?
What would I do with a brother like Ram who left his pregnant wife after listening to a “Dhobi” though his wife always stood by his side like a shadow? After giving “Agni Pareeksha” & suffering 14 years of exile.
Mom, you being a wife & sister to someone, until when will you keep on asking for a “RAM” as your son???
Mother was in tears.

Moral:- No one in the world is good or bad. Its just an interpretation about someone. Change Ur perception



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Its correct everyone is good and everyone is bad. If we see anyone's good side then there must be a bad side too of that person. It is our thinking about someone how we see them. It is true that no one is good or bad in the world. We should see the both side of the people like the girl see the good side of Ravan while her mother thought the bad side.
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I do agree with the story above because this story mostly deals with people minds and their intensions towards others.The feelings over here are very greatly said .Actually for many as Rama is our god and we pray for him .From the time we are born mother makes us pray to god the intensions of mother brings out the fear and love up on god.So we trust people easily and foolishly we trust  ghost are there but we never saw them .Like this the impression that Rama is good is created as it is if the director says hero is a good and villan is bad it goes so.Like some people may read and listen to the epic and stories some who have the bad impressions stamped in their mind about Ravan may not see the good side of Ravan and the same principle is followed in the case of Rama who ever have stamped a good impression in their minds would not see the bad qualities of him
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