1. one tree can make a million matches but one match can destroy million trees.
2. trees don't grow on money either.
3. trees on carbon dioxide gone.
4. if you save a tree then tree will save you.
5. plant a tree and get air for free.
5. if you cut a tree you cut your life.
6. the tree is your friend.
7. feel free to plant a tree.
8. trees are the roots of all living beings.
9. a tree that stay, keep flood away.
10. protect the tree, there in no life without trees
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(i) Don't destroy the greenery and don't spoil the scenery .Save mother earth .
(ii) Don't make trees rare , we should keep them with care .
(iii) A plant a day keeps the flood away .
(iv) Let the green be seen .
(v) Trees are green gold .
(vi) One tree can make a million matches , one match can destroy a million trees .
(vii) If the present generation cuts down trees , their children have to pay the fees .
(viii) Don't be a litter bug , just give a tree a hug .
(ix) Plant a tree a day and keep soil erosion away .
(x) We can live without our family tree but we can not live without our friend the tree .

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