When the Prime Minister set up the Tiger Task Force in 2005, there were high hopes that sorely needed reforms would finally be initiated in the way our Tiger Reserves and other Protected Areas are managed. Unfortunately however, there has been little action on the ground and, with every passing day, the fate of the tiger has become more precarious. Even so, it is not too late to save this most magnificent of the earth’s predators. What it requires is the discarding of old mindsets, and the ushering in of a new spirit of determination. In what is perhaps our last window of opportunity to save the tiger, all right thinking people must unite, irrespective of their affiliations. If we are to succeed in saving the tiger, it can only happen through a partnership between government agencies that are the custodians of our forests, and dedicated NGOs and individuals who have developed tremendous expertise on various aspects of the big cat. The tiger received a fresh lease of life when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi established Project Tiger over thirty years ago. It is not difficult to secure its future if we act now.
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