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1.Most of the kids are always full of ideas of fun.
They want their surroundings to be active, joyful and lively.So, make them study in the way they enjoy. Make them dance or sing or take them for a walk for every chapter they read perfectly. At least to enjoy the next phase, they try to study perfectly during their study time.
2. If possible, try to reward them for their every good achievement in academics.This creates a kind of "I should win!" spirit in them. Remember, do not pamper them too much with rewards. It might show negative impacts.
3. Tell them the benefits of education. Make them aware of the people in your family or some great personalities who are leading wonderful lives just because they had studied well at the right time. Parents should become study buddies for thei children and make them study much better. If once the kids get the spirit to study, no one can ever take it out! So, sow the seed the properly.

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