Crop is the group of same kind of plants grown and cultivated at one place in significant quantities.
Types of crops
All crops cannot grow in the same season. Different crops have their own suitable climatic conditions and specific requirements. Crops in India are broadly classified into two categories namely kharif crops and rabi crops. In addition to these two crops there is another category called as zaid crops.

Kharif crops:
These are the crops grown in rainy season extending from june to october hence are also called as monsoon crops. These crops are totally rain dependent crops. Kharif crops include paddy,soybean, sugarcane.

Rabi crops:
These are the crops grown in winter season extenting from october to march. These are winter crops depending on irrigation sources. Rabi cops include wheat, gram, mustard etc.
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Difference Between Kharif And Rabi Crops. 
kharif crops are grown in rainy season from the month of june to october for eg.-paddy ,soyabean, pigeon ,pea ,maize ,cotton ,green gram , and black gram and Rabi crops are grown in winter season from november to april for eg.-wheat ,gram ,peas ,mustard ,linseed
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