An envelope arrives unannounced from overseas
containing stark white sheets,

perfect in their presentation of absence.
Only a bold logo on top

revealed its origin,but absolutely nothing else.
I examined the sheets,

peered through their grains —
heavy cotton-laid striations —

concealing text, in white ink, postmarked India.
Even the watermark's translucence

made the script’s invisibility transparent.
Buried among the involute contours, lay sheets

of sophisticated pulp, paper containing
scattered metaphors — uncoded, unadorned,

untouched — virgin lines that spill, populate
and circulate to keep alive its breathings.

Corpuscles of a very different kind —
hieroglyphics, unsolved, but crystal-clear.
                                                                 --- by sudeep sen
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i cannot understand the meaning
and it doesn't rhyme
so thank u for hlping
I have given you the poem. Is it good / bad / nice ?

Let me see if Philip can,

Be a little gentleman,

Let me see if he is able

To sit still for once at table,

Thus spoke in earnest tone

The father to his son

And the mother looked very grave

To see Philip so misbehave

But Philip he did not mind

His father was so kind

He wriggled

And giggled

And then I declare

Swung backward and forward

And tilted his chair

Just like any rocking horse

Philip, I am getting cross!

See the naughty restless child

Growing still more rude and wild

Till his chair falls over quite

Philip screams with all his might

Catches at the cloth but then

That makes matter worse again

Down upon the ground they fall

Glasses, knives, forks and all

How Mamma did fret and frown

When she saw them tumbling down

And papa made such a face

Philip is in sad disgrace

Where is Philip? Where is he?

Fairly cover' d up, you see

Cloth and all are lying on him

he has pulled down all upon him

What a terrible to do

Dishes, Glasses snapped in two

Here a knife and there a fork

Philip this naughty work

Table and all so bare, Ah!

Poor Papa and Poor Mamma

Look quite cross, and wonder how

They shall make their dinner now.

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I think u will not delete it again. :):):):)
I hope u will like it.