When alivardi khan died in 1756 sirajuddaulah bacame the nawab of bengal . the east india company was worried about his power & keen on a puppet ruler who would willingly give trade concessions & other privileges. so it tried to help one of the nawab's rivals to become the nawab . when the nawab got to know about this thing he stopped the company to meddle in between his political affairs , he also stopped the company's fortifications. then the company with troops attacked the nawab defeated & killed him.

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In the year 1756, Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah of Bengal became a powerful ruler. The British East India Company realized the British would be defeated by him very soon. So wasting no years, Major-General Robert Clive of India led an army of British Soldiers against his camps and defeated him in 1757.

This War marked the beginning of British Conquest of India and is called The First Battle of Plassey.