The steps for being a good citizen 
1- first of all if can't help the animals we should also not hurt them , beat them or tease them
2- if see any animal being hurt we should bring them home and clean their wounds and give the specific treatment to them
3- we should not make any animal as our pet animal they also want to be free and independent the way we want to be 
5- we should be kind to them .especially the kids when  they want they throw a stone on them for their fun
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can you answer this queation protection of wildlife theneed of the hour declamtion
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Steps for being a good citizen to take care of street animals -
1-If there is a rain or very cold so give them shelter of your home or you can give an old blanket to safe them from cold.
2-Do not hurt them.Take care of them.
3-Give food to the animals,for your home food is prepared more than that is needed so  give the extra food to them.Some time you can also make food for them.
4-Don't behave badly to them as you are chasing them or throwing something on them.Be kind.
     And by following these steps you will be a good citizen.And more than that a animal  lover.