This is an essay on deforestation 
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There is a lot of controversy over deforestation. People want it to stop because the people aginst deforestation say it is hurting the environment. Cutting down trees does hurt the environment beacuse it cases global warming.Smoke and smog from forest fires traps heat and cases the earths temperature to rise. But on the other hand people need trees for almost every thing. Most things are a tree products like technology, paper toilet paper, books. The list goes on and on it also gives money to help our economy. But some people say we should cut down trees but plant new one after a tree is cut down. Or do something called selective deforestation that’s were you cut down a tree then plant a new one then skip three trees and cut down another one then plant another then a few year later the ones you planted are growing and you cut down the old ones.      Deforestation also effects the animals in that area . they lose there natural habitat so they have to find shelter else were. Some animals feed on trees or there leaves and if there’s none of there food they will die. Also some animals needs trees to take cover from there predators and if  there are no trees that they can can take cover in  then they will advetally go exsticed then when they all die the animals that eat them will die because there is no food.The food chain wil have been broken. Another reason deforestation is bad is that it hurts the environment. trees provide oxygen witch we use to breath also it makes the planet to warm and melt the polar ice. If the  ice melts there will be floods and states would go under water.    Deforestation can also be this good trees make many things that we use on a daily bases like toilet paper, houses , books, doors etc. People need wood for pretty much every thing. People need shelter and people want item that interest them witch most are made of wood. There will always be deforestation until some one finds a way to replace wood. 
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