During a sociable evening in j's room , the three men convince themselves that they each have various illness . their collective diagnosis is overwork, and they prescribe themselves a fortnight's holiday . a stay in the country and a sea voyage are both ruled out , and they settle instead on a boating trip , travelling on the thames by day and camping out in the hired boat at night.

they set out the following saturday . george must work in the city in the morning, and so
arranges to join them later that day . the other two , accompanied by the dopg and a mountain luggage , get a cab to waterloo station , but are unable to find the right train to kingston . eventually they bribe the driver of another train to take them to take them there instead , one of many humorous set-pieces that make the book more straight forward travelogue . george completes the trio weybridge , with a dubious looking parcel tucked under his arm which turns out to be bano and instruction book .

After a long period of time I,an bussiness man, My wife and son.. after 15 year planned to double the route of william hooks of indian ocean.. From past 15 year we  tried each harsh weather we could go in to test whether our boat, wavewalker can survive.. It did to our surprize..... we started our journey to travel the route on jan 3
( AFter this with day you can give which situation they face, on the way they found harsh weather their boat get damaged and during their way little son taught them a life lesson that whether  they will  die at least they ended it with a good tone but destiny played a game and brought them to a piece of island where they got help and they survived