Cleanliness has a great imapct on the national development and health as well..
if we take responsibility of atleast keeping our surroundings clean a lot can happen .. if surroundings are cllean means less infection and mosquitoes will rise..this will lead to less diseases . if less diseases are there then more people will be healthy .. healthy students will be able to go to school and study , healthy youth will be able to study more and more which will enrich their knowledge leading them to rise to a height at which they can serve the nation and help in its development.. healthy adults will be able to work and help in nation development ... we can encourage people living in our society to keep their surroundings clean .. if each person keeps his or his surroundings clean  in a few days we wll see that the locality will strt looking very tidy ... in the same way if each person stops blaming the municipal community of their area and take just a few steps to keep their surroundings clean i am sure cleanliness will have a great impact on the national development and health ..