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Transportation crafts will always be the craft of choice for children of all ages. Transportation crafts includes air-planes, cars, boats, ships, buses, trains, trucks, vans, and rockets (to name a few).All these transportation crafts can easily to made at home from cheap materials bought in stores and/or recycling materials. You can make a car or bus from a big box or make a sail boat from a milk carton.Airplanes
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Making Toy Ice Cream Carts and Ice Cream ConesSelect a large box with a deep cover...such as a shoe box. Remove 2 sides of the cover to make it fit inside the box. Replace cut-down sides with Scotch tape, as in figure 1. Punch 6 holes in the remodeled cover to hold the ice-cream cones, as in figure 2. Cut 4 wheels from heavy cardboard. Fasten to box with two-pronged paper fasteners. Attach a pipe cleaner handle, as in figure 3.Fashion a piece of cardboard to fit top of cart. Cut this fitted-piece in two and hinge parts with tape, as in figure 4. Fasten the lid. Add a tiny bell and a colorful umbrella, as in figure 5. Make 6 ice-cream cones, as in figure 6. Fill each with a bit of cotton. Place in cover. Put lid down. You are now ready to sell ice-cream cones to your friends