Unemployment is a common problem that is still arising in India . Unemployment mainly and sharply happens in rural areas. Unemployment can be seen not only in rural area but also in urban areas. In rural areas people who work in unorganized sectors are usually exploited and prone to unemployment . Unemployment can be said in the case where they are employed with low wages that is not enough to look after their family. People from schedule cast, schedule tribes, obviously etc are prone to unemployment because of the social discrimination that is common in India. One of the main cause of unemployment is depended on social discrimination . In our daily life we can come across many examples . In urban areas people like casual workers are tend to unemployment. We all belongs to same country same nation same world. So we all will stand together,hold our hands and swill stand against unemployment or to prevent unemployment in India . If one can change the thinking of other than that one person is enough for the whole world.