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                 Can the economic pressure destroy your family bonds?
We live in times where the economic pressure to becoming the best and earning lots of money has grown to be something as natural as breathing. At this point, it is merely the way of living more than a noticible pressure. However hard, should we really make it the main and an extremely convinient excuse for not talking to our families? 
        Our societies now are, most definitely, very busy ones. Indeed, we spend more time on work and education, even after finishing our universities and colleges, than ever before. We work and learn all the time. On the other hand, modernity brought as ways of communication which let us reach anybody, anywhere in the world in the matter of seconds and for free, like Skype, Faceboo, GMail and the Hangouts as well as many others. 
         I believe that every one of us should just think for a second, whether we really do not have enough time to call our relatives or maybe, we just do not really want to do that and make excuses in front of ourselves and the world. It is our decision how we will utilize the tools given to us by the modern society. So even if we have less time to meet, at the same time, we have better means of doing so. Nothing changes, it is still our call if we want to meet and talk or not. 


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