(1) A shopkeeper gives three successive discounts of 20%, 10% and 10% on his goods. If the list price of an article in his shop is Rs.1600 and Sales tax on it is 15% of its sale price, find how much a customer will have to pay for it.
(2) A shopkeeper marks his goods 40% above the cost price and then allows two successive discounts of 10% each. Find how much will a customer pay for an article which costs the shopkeeper Rs. 700 and a Sales tax of 8% is levied on the sale price of the article. (Give your answer correct to the nearest rupee.)



1. (1-0.2)(1-0.1)(1-0.1) \times 1600 + 0.15 \times 1600 = 1276.8
2. (1-0.1)\times(1+0.4) \times 700 + 0.8\times 700 = 1442
Your both the answers were wrong. Please give the correct answer with proper solution.