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His teachings: The central teachings of Kabir were: (1) He laid stress upon 'Bhakti'. (2) He said that through Bhakti, or devotion, one would come nearer to God; one could be released from the cycle of birth and death only by sincere love and devotion to God, whom he called Bhakti. (3) He sincerely tried to emphasise the unity of Islam and Hinduism by preaching those virtues which were common to both religions. (4) He made no distinction between Hindus and Muslims. (5) To Kabir, Allah and Rama were but different names for the same supreme being. To him, Hindus and Muslims were "pots of the same clay". (6) According to Kabir, salvation could be attained by doing good deeds, or by means of Bhakti, or sincere devotion to God.