Let the actual speed of car be xm/sec A/q =>5/7 of xm/sec = 4200 m/6048 sec =>x m/sec=4200 × 7/6048×5 =>x=105/108 m/sec =>x=(105/108)×18/5 km/h So, x=21/6km/h
Maine jaise banaya!! Usme kha pr wrong hua!?
Please mujhe bataiye!?
I'm unable to search my mistake!?
Time taken = 1 hr 40 min 48 sec = 1 hr 40 4/5min = 1 51/75hrs =126/75hrs.Let the actual speed be x km/hr.Then,x =(42 x 7 x 75)/5*126= 35 km/hr.
Aapne km/hr krke solve kiya h aur maine m/sec krke solve kiya h, aapka solution right h mgr mere solution hmne kha mistake kr diya h ki mera ans nhi aaya!! @
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Time taken = 1 hr 40 min 48 sec = 1 hr 40 4/5min = 1 51/75hrs =126/75hrs. Let the actual speed be x km/hr. Then, x =(42 x 7 x 75)/5*126= 35 km/hr.Baru1 32 minutes ago
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