-A pencil box is a need for every school student -It provides us comfort and ease to increase place in the bag by keeping all stationary things inside it. -It reduces the fear of losing important stationery things -it keeps all the things in a summarized way -it helps keep our things safe -and helps make our bag look good
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I luv my pecil is blue in color. It have barbies sticker on it.i keep my pencil,eraser,sharpner,scale in it.pencil helps me to write.eraser helps me to erase my mistakes .sharpener helps me to sharp my sclae is pink in color n fish is drawn on it. I keep my pencil box very safe so dat it shouldn't be pencil box is about 15 cm long,6cm wide,4 cm mom n dad gifted me my pencil box. I spend much time aid my pencil is good medicine for my homework .from my school time to my home time my pencil box is always wid pencil box is my best frnd