TODAY I AM HERE TO DELIVER A SPEECH ON POLLUTION CAUSED BY THE BURSTING OF FIRE CRACKERS bursting of crakers causes noise pollution  due to which the students and the senior citizens of the colony are facing problems so its a due request please don't
burst crackers and it also causes air pollution THANK YOU
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Nowadays  bursting of crakers  became a common in every function or party and in happy mode. bursting of fire  harm the  surrounding  and their people. every surrounding anyone has  heart patients. the sound of the crackers they sudden shock  they will get high blood pressure. and  crackers pollution  effect to the global warming also, and then morning  cracker dust goes into water pipelines  they also effects.  if cracker pollution goes into our body its injury  then  cancer, Cervical Cancer, and pleases avoid  using crackers. be happy and give a chance to other should be happy.
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