Why To Save Electricity?

With the rising coasts and shrinking economy more and more people are acting responsible and searching for reasonable ways to save electricity. The other reason apart from these are that saving electricity will bring down your electricity bills, save your money and decrease pollution. Although many people have shifted to renewable sources such as solar power, there are other electricity saving tips which will help you to conserve power.

Electricity Saving at Home.

Replace old light bulbs with new florescent bulbs. Turn of the lights when not in use. Never leave electric appliances on a standby. Keep doors and windows closed when heat or air conditioning is on. Check heat setting on the water heater. By lowering down the temperature you can reduce electricity. Put a layer of insulation around the water heater. Avoid using dryers in the washing machine since they consume huge amount of electricity when switched on. Turn off the water when brushing teeth and use less amount of water for shower which will save electricity which is used to heat water. Do not use light bulbs during day hours. Use Sunlight as much as possible.
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